Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are We There Yet? Who Cares!

Today, we are participating in the ninth 20 Something Bloggers blog swap; the theme of this exercise is summer. Our blog swap partner is Stephanie of  Going with the Flo, and the topic is childhood summer vacations!


18 hour-rides squeezed into the middle seat. Not the most appealing view of a summer vacation.

But for me, the best part of my childhood vacations was the journey. As the baby of the family a number of the actual destinations are a bit hazy. Because I was so young when we first experienced places like Disney World I can recall Chip (of Chip & Dale fame) stealing my gum and family members sneaking away for Splash Mountain. (I was too young/short so I got to hang with Grams instead.)

On the other hand, I can remember waking up while it was still dark and jumping into a packed car. Hours into the drive we’d stop for a picnic breakfast at a rest stop park or a restaurant while my dad caught some Z’s in the car. We played car games, ate snacks and told stories.

At the time I’d rather be anywhere than that middle seat, but looking back I really did appreciate the closeness it brought to our family. Yes, it also brought fighting between siblings, but when I think of the trips I remember those drives.

Take time to enjoy the journey. It may be the strongest memories you create.

Stephanie Florence is a public relations girl exploring her first year in New York City. She can be found dancing, meeting new people and taking the approach of a student...always. 

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