Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Ironsides

Generally speaking, when it comes to things I covet, we have four categories. 1) Things I can afford. 2) Things I don't really need. 3) Things I can't afford. 4) Things I can't have. An example of 1 would be a fantastic pair of blue shoes. An example of 2 would be a wall mural. Today, I'm focusing on numbers 3 and 4, since I have found the perfect intersection of the two: the Stuart Weitzman Ironlady Bootie in fog suede.

These boots are just, you know, totally genius. But given the price, they fit into my third category. And they fit into the fourth because they are not practical for my life here in North Carolina thanks to the suede. You see, it rains quite a bit here (actually, the truth is that I'm shocked by how much precipitation we get--between 40 and 50 inches per year in my region of the state), and suede isn't really a good material for life in a wet place. So I'll have to live without these beauties, but I very much hope that one of my dear readers may be able to enjoy them!

Buy through Zappos for $525.00.


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