Thursday, September 1, 2011

Creme of the Crop

First, everyone, I'd like to apologize for missing my usual Tuesday. I got hurricaned over the weekend, and that does not mean that Eric Staal came for a visit.

At any rate, because Cate has been recommending cosmetics to you, I thought I'd do something totally wild and out there for me. I'm going to talk about skin care.

I know, right? Maureen and skin care? Who knew?

Well, for the longest time, I got really, really dry skin in the winter. Mostly on my hands. It was awful. It would get painful. And because I am so bad at caring for myself in any way that could be remotely considered cosmetic, yes, my skin did crack and bleed.

But then someone from the Internet told me about an amazing product:

This Eucerin stuff is like magic in a tub. I don't use it during the summer, but when my skin starts drying out in fall or winter, I slather it on before bed like I'm supposed to slather on sunblock but inevitably don't. It's thick and cool and soothing, and by morning there is a marked improvement.

So if you, too, get horrible dry skin, try Eucerin! It could change your life. Or at least make you willing to wash your hands more often.

Buy through for $5.29-$13.79 (for various sizes). Or at your local drugstore.

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