Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Not everyone knows this about me, but I love catalogs: SkyMall, Acorn, even Doheny's Water Warehouse (I'm totally not kidding about that last one). But Hammacher Schlemmer probably takes the cake. I've written about their R2-D2 robot before, so that should give you some idea of the cool-but-maybe-useless wares available through this fine catalog. Today, I bring you something so much better: the 20-foot animatronic Triceratops.

The question isn't, "Who needs this?" The question is more like, "Who DOESN'T need this?" Maureen and I certainly do. In fact, not too long ago, we hatched a plot to obtain a triceratops for ourselves. I couldn't even make this up. Observe:

Maureen: We could try stealing the Triceratops [from a museum which shall remain nameless *cough*The Creation Museum*cough*].
Cate: Oh. Oh, Maureen. This is a terrible plan. TERRIBLY GENIUS.

Someday, when What We Covet is world-famous and we're making loads of money off of it, we can abandon our proposed heist and purchase our very own Triceratops to place in our blogging world headquarters. Meanwhile, we'll just have to dream.

Oh, and hey--look at what else they sell.

Image via Hammacher Schelmmer.


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