Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easier than Getting Blood from a Turnip

There is a blood drive in town today, and it got me thinking. Blood is pretty cool. Visually, it often means something's wrong--like that time I cut myself on broken glass. "There is blood everywhere!" I cried. "Terrible things are happening!" In truth, there was blood in only a few places, and the most terrible thing was that I hadn't realized there was broken glass there sooner.

Blood is actually cool. It delivers oxygen. It can be used to solve crimes. It's handy for metaphors. And it's not stingy--you usually have some to spare.

So because blood is so rad, I want to covet blood donors today. Thus far I haven't needed any donor blood, but if I ever do, I hope the world has my back. I want to believe it does! Even if a donor does it for the free juice and cookies or the smug "I saved a life" sticker, it still makes a difference. So consider, readers--have you had quite enough cookies today?

Locate a blood drive near you at the Red Cross web site.


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