Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Driving Away

It would seem that I have recently developed a minor obsession with drivers. Not this kind or this kind, mind you, but this kind:

Drivers don't really look normal on me, which is a shame, because they're damn comfortable (or most types are, anyway), but that doesn't stop me from coveting them. For example, here's a recent chat I had with Maureen.

Cate: Do I want silver drivers? (Hint: the answer is no.)
Maureen: No. Do you need special shoes for driving?
Cate: They are a kind of loafer.
Maureen: Oh. Well, the answer is still no.
Cate: Okay. Do I want PURPLE drivers?

I think you see where this is going. Luckily, since I'm pretty much a broke graduate student right now, I can't justify buying a pair of shoes that won't look right with my current wardrobe. That won't keep me from looking, though.

Image via Tory Burch.


PS In other news, this guy I know, David Bell, had a novel called Cemetery Girl released yesterday, and though I haven't read it yet, I HAVE read his other two books, The Girl in the Woods and The Condemned. Even though I am so not a horror or suspense reader, I really enjoyed those novels, and I think that Cemetery Girl will more than live up to my expectation of Bell's writing. If you are so inclined, buy a copy via Powell's Books; you won't be disappointed.

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