Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Androgyny in the Air

Last year, D&G launched a line of five fragrances based on cards of the tarot. Included are numbers 1 (Le Bateleur, the Magician), 3 (L'Imperatrice, the Empress), 6 (L'Amoreux, the Lovers), 10 (La Roue de la Fortune, the Wheel of Fortune), and 18 (La Lune, the Moon). Each has a distinct scent, and they have all been formulated as unisex scents, flattering and appealing to both men and women.

Number 10, the Wheel of Fortune.

Although the bottles only come in one size (a 3.3-ounce EDT), I'd say that it's money well spent, as you can return to these scents again and again. While I find that they're best for daytime, you may find a nighttime use for them, as well. Plus, with six to choose from, you're sure to find the scent that's right for you. And besides--the clean design of the bottle will look absolutely chic in your boudoir!

Image via Sephora.


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