Saturday, November 27, 2010

WWBFD?: An Introduction

You all know I love Bobby Flay, right? Well, if you didn't, now you do. So I met him two weeks ago. He was signing books at a Barnes and Noble and I went with my best friend. Turns out he's even lovelier in person than he is on television. And he signed a book for me!
Holy crap Bobby Fucking Flay signed my cookbook omg.

It's the Throwdown cookbook, which is cool because it includes Flay's recipes as well as his opponents' recipes. And I've decided to take this cookbook on as a sort of project. Once every six weeks or so, I'll tackle one item and share the results with you. I won't fix every recipe; that's just not practical for my life. But the more accessible ones will definitely find their way here. Look for the first post in mid-December!

In the meantime, please ask yourself: what would Bobby Flay do? (He'd challenge us all to a throwdown, that's what he would do. But in the absence of Bobby Flay, his cookbook--and my use of it--will have to suffice!)


PS Thanks to Kristi, who asked me in a completely different context what Bobby Flay would do.

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