Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The What We Covet Holiday Gift Guide, Part 11: The Resident Nerd

Plenty of my pals are pretty nerdy. (We used to sit around watching the History Channel on Friday nights. Nothing is nerdier than that.) Surely you're also close with someone who skews toward the history, comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy areas of the spectrum. And here's a gift that's sure to please even the most discriminating nerd out there: a miniature ornament set from Hallmark featuring Boba Fett and Han Solo (frozen in carbonite!).

I can almost guarantee that if your friend has any kind of soft spot for Star Wars, he or she will love this. There are people in the world who are very serious about their carbonite, after all. And besides--it's a generally accepted fact that Boba Fett is a total badass. End of story.

Available through Hallmark stores for $14.95. 

Image via Hallmark.


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