Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sans Blague?

Some of you out there may not know anything about today's items, and thus have no appreciation whatsoever for them, but give something new a try; in this case, I think you'll find it's a good idea. The products in question are these Asterix melamine plates from Black Ink:

(Asterix is the blond one; Obelix is the redhead with the cute dog, whose name is Dogmatix--or Idéfix, in the original.)

All I really know about Asterix and Obelix is that they are Gauls. Also, they speak French, and therefore I do not understand them. However, having watched several of their cartoons in my high school French class (an entire decade ago), I can say with some certainty that they are funny guys. The basic gist is this: they are fighting against the Roman soldiers trying to invade their land. I'm not entirely sure how that turns into comedy, but who am I to argue with Francophone cartoons? 

If you're interested in following their adventures, there's good news: Asterix originated as a comic book series, which is far easier to follow than the show, since you can sit down and translate as you read, rather than trying to keep up with the fast pace of native French speakers as you watch.

In the meantime, check out these plates, which are both bright and fun. Plus, bonus? Melamine is pretty durable, which means that even if you're hard on your dishes, these will probably last you awhile. (The only down side is that they're not microwaveable, but still--they're pretty fantastic.)

Visit the official Asterix website here (in English, with options for French, Spanish, German, and Dutch).


PS I'd like to wish my friend Maria over at I Don't Care for Your Fairy Tale a happy birthday!

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