Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eating Out: Olympia Café, Savannah, GA

 I recently had an opportunity to visit Savannah, which is a beautiful town with many culinary options. My first night there, my friends and I took a stroll along the riverfront, looking for a place to get ourselves some dinner. Luck was with us; we found a cute little restaurant called the Olympia Café, a Greek eatery with tons of atmosphere.

At first, this place is thoroughly Savannah: exposed brick walls, green plants all around, and a friendly atmosphere. However, the Greek influence is clear in the decor, with blue chairs and tablecloths, white archways, and lovely little watercolor paintings that depict seaside villages dotting the walls. Although the lighting is dim, candles on the tables provide a soothing glow and engender a real sense of camaraderie with your fellow diners.

As far as the food goes, Ithe fries are on the salty side and the Greek salad is heavy on the iceberg, but the table bread is tasty; the yogurt sauce is mild; and the grilled chicken, for the most part, is left to its own devices--which is to say, unburdened by heavy spices, making it almost perfect. 

I was very satisfied with my meal overall. The price was not at all unreasonable (I paid around fourteen dollars before the tip), and the service was efficient and speedy. Should you ever find yourself in Savannah, you should definitely stop in for a meal!


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