Thursday, November 4, 2010


Several sellers over at Etsy are fond of recycling the covers of old books, sleeves from vinyl records, or boxes from VHS tapes into covers for notebooks, sticking some blank pages inside and binding them together. I happen to be a fan of this, as you get some pretty banging journals out of the deal. (My favorite--one I bought for myself--was the cover from a very early VHS copy of Star Wars.) I'm terribly fond of the ones using books, in particular, such as this one, from Ciaffi:

Image by Ciaffi via Etsy.

I love the metafictional aspect of the whole thing: you could be writing a book in a notebook made from a book! That might be hard to process, I know. But just imagine the fun of it all!

Buy through Etsy for $14.50.


PS If you're up for a laugh, check out this totally skeevy David Lee Roth notebook. And the completely awesome Pop-Tarts notebook!

PPS There's good news, and there's bad news, and there's more good news. Good: The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Kids is on now! Bad: I'm broke. Good: If you're interested, some of the items I've discussed are available, including the following:

- Frye Joy Sandals, on sale for $129.90, but not in the orange I showed you originally.

- Halston Heritage Alice Stingray Embossed Pleated Leather Clutch, on sale for $163.90, but only in red.

- See by Chloe Monster Tote, on sale for $54.90.

- MICHAEL Michael Kors Sycamore Clog, on sale for $59.90, but only in size 10.

Happy shopping!

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