Saturday, November 13, 2010


So, I had this flash of inspiration last week while I was grocery shopping. Mostly I was looking for easy food that would get me through a busy week, and food items that could multitask--for example, vegetables that could be adapted to different kinds of recipes. I realized I was having a craving for spaghetti, and so I started thinking about what might pair well with pasta. 

And it hit me: I could make chicken parmigiana. Better yet, I could buy myself a box of frozen chicken nuggets and make miniature chicken parmigiana. 

I felt like a total genius. It got even better when I went to the pasta aisle and found that Barilla makes miniature versions of some of its pastas, most notably mini wheels and mini penne. The whole thing was way too perfect. I mean, look at how cute this pasta is!

Anyway, the whole thing was so easy. I put a little dollop of Newman's Own Marinara on top of each nugget, then threw a dash of mozzarella cheese on top and stuck it in the oven. The end result looked like this:

The final result was not only delicious, but it was also adorable:

It's the perfect meal for someone looking to whip something up at the last minute, or for a little kid with an appetite for Italian food. Try it out; you might find that you like a mini meal!


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