Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Bluest Blue

Sometimes all the jewelry a girl really needs is a simple, elegant necklace. Or at least sometimes that's all this girl needs. Because, you see, I'm not much of a ring wearer, and I usually buy pretty cheap-o bracelets since I know how hard I am on them. But necklaces (and, in fact, earrings) really appeal to me, and I try to make good choices when it comes to them. Today, I'm coveting a particularly lovely pendant:

I love the deep blue and the simple shape. This pendant would accent a gray dress very well, I think, and catch everyone's eye even though it's very uncomplicated. 

What kind of necklaces do you look for?

Image via Keweenaw Gem and Gift.


PS Since my semester is starting up, I'll be taking some time off to address some academic business. But have no fear: my trusty wayward sidekick Maureen will be posting here while I'm away, and she's sure to tickle your funny bone with her witty brand of covetousness. Enjoy!

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