Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cutie Pie in Class

So, I'm a graduate student, and that means I'm occasionally required to carry books and folders around. I like to be stylish when I do that, and when it comes to business documents, I carry a black briefcase-type bag. Unfortunately, said briefcase isn't conducive to all of the back-and-forth between classes on the bus, and so I have to look elsewhere for my toting needs. Awhile back, I told you about my experiences with Eddie Bauer backpacks, and I stand by that post. But when it's something cute you're looking for, you should always turn to JanSport.

For example, they have this bright and cheerful model, the All Nighter in Cabesa Blue:

Several years ago, I found the cutest JanSport at an outlet mall; it was white with a lemon, lime, and orange slice print, and to this day, I wish I had bought it. Alas, I had no need for any such thing at the time. Last month, I made it up to myself by buying a houndstooth JanSport. And I can't wait to carry it.

Buy the All Nighter through Zappos for $50.00.

Image via Zappos.


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