Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tale As Old As Time

I grew up on Disney movies. I also had a few books of fairy tales at the same time, so I knew what Disney was leaving out. I managed to grow up without learning any lessons, but I also am not dead, and have not done any spinning or eaten any dastardly apples, so I think I was a success.

My favorite Disney movie, whose best-known fairy tale is one of the least terrifying (not that that makes a difference), is Beauty and the Beast. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. Gaston is one of my favorite villains. The Beast is definitely cuddly, but I'm still undecided about his transformation into an average-looking prince.

And the songs! I once received a DVD set that contained a few versions of the movie. One of my superpowers is the ability to turn into a small child at will, so yes, I watched every one of them, and my life was a musical for the next week.

What, then, am I coveting today? The Blu-Ray version. My Blu-Ray collection has already started, with a Christmas gift of a four-disc DVD/Blu-Ray Fantasia combo pack. I don't mind upgrading periodically with some movies. Some, like every animated Disney movie ever (except for most sequels).


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