Friday, January 14, 2011

Tonight I've Got a Date with My Bookshelf

I've told you a little about Nerdfighters before. Nerdfighters are cool types who work to decrease World Suck. They tend to be nerdy, and they watch the video blogs of John and Hank Green.

Sometimes, two Nerdfighters meet and become so enamored of each other that they end up in a situation known as Nerdfighterlike. Nerdfighterlike is the subject of musical Nerdfighter and YouTube video maker devilishlypure's song, "Nerdfighterlike."

Nerdfighters are not known for making things very difficult.

Now, you won't understand a lot of the song if you aren't a seasoned Nerdfighter like I am. But worry not! There is hope for you yet. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to get you up to speed.

And once you understand what's going on, perhaps you, too, can fall in Nerdfighterlike with a fellow Nerdfighter.

They tell me you can buy the song through iTunes, but watching the numerous videos on YouTube is easier. So do that.

Best wishes!

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