Tuesday, January 25, 2011

People We Covet: Eddie Izzard

You know, it's been awhile since I did a proper People We Covet post, and I have to say that, at first, I was stumped. I'd already mentioned Lady Gaga, of course, and Walt Whitman, and my beloved Stone Temple Pilots. Now, in keeping with the subversive underdog standard I've set, I'd like to tell you a little secret to kick of this month's People We Covet: I have an enormous crush on Eddie Izzard.

You may recognize him as he looks above from his film work, both in the United States and England. Doesn't he look just so dignified and serious? LOVE IT. However, if you've spent any time watching Comedy Central  or HBO at all, ever, you're more likely to recognize him thus:

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in love with a transvestite. And I'm okay with that. Not only could he give me some make-up tips (I'm a complete disaster with lipstick), but he's funny. As. Hell.

Theoretically, Izzard's "day job" is as a stand-up comedian (good work if you can get it, right?). He's well-known for his specials Dress to Kill, Unrepeatable, Definite Article, and others. Any time I'm really bummed out, I can pull up an Izzard sketch on Netflix or YouTube, and my day suddenly becomes much, much better. One particular favorite of mine (and, I think, a great many others) is the Death Star canteen bit:

I'm also fond of the evil giraffe:

Izzard can also turn very serious very well. For example, if you haven't seen Valkyrie yet, I highly recommend it, not only because it is an absolutely fantastic movie, but also because my beloved Mr. Izzard has a key role in it.

I'll admit it: mostly I like him for the laughs. But believe me when I say that those laughs are worth more than their escape value.

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