Sunday, January 2, 2011


Back at Thanksgiving, I made a cranberry chutney. It was delicious, and the recipe is relatively simple. There's only one problem: if you don't have a grater or zester, it's kind of difficult to zest an orange.

I started out using a paring knife while Mom and Dad searched for a grater that was incredibly elusive. Then Dad and I got this genius idea to use a single-blade razor. It didn't work. So he popped the bottom safety cover off of it and we tried again. No dice. I went back to the knife, which is the same method I'd had to use the previous year (the first time I tried this recipe) due to a lack of a grater or zester in my own kitchen.

So then my aunt heard this story and took pity on me. On Christmas Eve, we exchanged presents, and she had given me a glorious thing: a zester with a safety cover:

Unlike the one in the picture, mine has a yellow handle, which I quite like--it's cheerful AND easy to spot in the drawer! I'm very excited to use it, and I think you'd enjoy having one, too.

Image via Bed Bath & Beyond.


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