Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stealing Princesses Back from Sleeping Barrow Kings

My older brother gave me a copy of Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind for either Christmas or my birthday. I don't recall which. I do recall that he later gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, with the idea that I would buy the sequel, The Wise Man's Fear, for myself when it came out on my birthday.

Of course, Rothfuss turned into George R. R. Martin for a bit, and that didn't happen.

A side note: I am not upset with Rothfuss, and people need to get over their unhappiness with Martin. Goodness gracious.

But now the sequel is absolutely definitely for sure coming out! Soon! The adventures of Kvothe Kingkiller will continue! He hasn't stolen any princesses yet; he's in the process of telling the story. The first book was day one. Allegedly he will be done on day three, but I think Mr. Martin and Robert Jordan said something like that too.

Now, what I really covet is something Pat (as we fans call him) linked to on his blog: a site that will be selling signed first editions of The Wise Man's Fear. I desperately want one. Maybe two. I never buy hardback books; this is usually because I don't hear about them until they're in paperback. This time, an extra five dollars is tacked on. It goes to charity--Heifer International, in fact, which Pat supports and loves--so that's nothing to complain about. The shipping worries me a bit, but hey. The last hardback book I bought was a Robert Jordan that somehow stumbled into a dollar store.


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