Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Jedi and a Tauntaun Walk into a Cave

Have you ever wanted your very own bearskin rug, but been too nerdy and not good enough at handling a gun or skinning a bear to have one?

If so, a bearskin rug wouldn't suit you, anyway.

What you need is a Wampa-skin rug, which is what should happen when a Jedi and a Tauntaun walk into a cave, but rarely does. You could go try to find Hoth and kill one yourself, but it might just be easier to do what you did for your Tauntaun sleeping bag: go to the Internet!

Of course, Internet people didn't invent interstellar time travel just to go kill you a Wampa. No, this is a pretend Wampa. But its pretend teeth look fearsome and sharp, and it has pretend horns and pretend claws.

It also does not come with slave Leia. But with a Wampa rug on your floor and a Tauntaun sleeping bag in your tent, you should be able to get one of your own in no time.


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