Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everything's Better with Rogues

Cate has been trying desperately for a while now to get me to read a baby TRN. I want to read one, too, but I am returning to non-fantasy YA a little late in the game, so it's harder for me to identify.

Let me just pause right there for a second and say that Garth Nix is writing more of the Old Kingdom series, and I am so excited.

But back to baby TRNs. Cate recently informed me that Meg Cabot, author of the illustrious Princess Diaries series, which--and don't tell anyone this--I enjoy immensely, has written two baby TRNs. I fully expect to read them both, and I am especially excited about Victoria and the Rogue, because really, who isn't excited about rogues? But Nicola and the Viscount surely won't disappoint.

Now, if I buy these, I will do so from my small, locally-owned bookstore. You should do the same! Prices may vary. You can, of course, see what they're like for yourself at Meg Cabot's website.


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