Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Bundt. BUNDT."

Any of you who have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding will remember that spectacular moment when the mothers-in-law-to-be meet and one presents the other with a Bundt cake (skip ahead to about 1:55 in the video). And although the idea of a cake with a hole in it might not seem so normal at first, Bundt cakes are usually pretty delicious, and I've found a non-holey option for Halloween!

Now, somewhere at my parents' house, there are two Bundt pans waiting for me, and while both are spectacular--a castle and a carousel--neither is nearly as meta as this one:

I mean, just imagine the potential: you could make a pumpkin loaf in a pan shaped like pumpkins. It's genius! Plus, it's good for the whole of autumn, not just Halloween, meaning you could even use it at Thanksgiving as a harvest-y centerpiece, or take it to any church potluck or school bake sale in the fall.

Image via Nordicware.


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  1. There is nothing weird about a cake with a hole in it. Bundt cakes are fabulous, and pound cakes are the best in tube pans.