Saturday, October 23, 2010

Working with What You Have, Part 1

It occasionally happens that my life doesn't go as planned. I have three jobs, two blogs, and one full-time gig as a student, so things get hectic. There are times when I'm too busy to think about dinner beyond the fact that I'm hungry, which usually leads to a meal that consists of little more than a Lean Cuisine pizza (or, occasionally, Hot Pockets, although I try so hard not to). But I make the effort to put something together as often as possible. Most of the time, I feel like a kid--I end up heating some fries, making a box of Kraft mac and cheese, or slapping some peanut butter on a piece of bread. I recently found myself in such a position and made the best of what was in the kitchen: frozen chicken nuggets, canned green beans, and a box of Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad (Ranch and Bacon).

You may remember my last foray into Suddenly Salad; then, as now, the mix tastes a little too seasoned if you don't let it chill first. Also, I have to say that the Ranch and Bacon variety is quite salty, so if you're watching your sodium intake, this probably isn't the way to go. But all in all, these three things together actually make for a satisfying meal. And the advantage of each element is that you can keep them on hand to be used in a pinch, since they're boxed, canned, and frozen, respectively--no easily-perishable ingredients required (beyond mayonnaise for the Suddenly Salad and whatever dipping sauce you use for the nuggets)!


PS Look for more Working with What You Have posts on occasion; although the series will not have a regularly scheduled day, I hope to bring you more quick and dirty tips in the future!

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