Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eating Out: Society of St. John's Jampot

Although this month's subject is not a restaurant, it is 1) a very fantastic place and 2) deserves some attention.

The Holy Transfiguration Skete of the Society of St. John in Eagle River, Michigan, runs a little and I do mean little) outfit called the Jampot, a store that sells their handmade baked goods and preserves. Pretty much everything they offer is delicious, and that's not even remotely an exaggeration. In the summertime, you can hardly even fit into the place for all the customers; word has gotten around, and it's a must-see if you're ever in the area, which, admittedly, is not exactly easy to find.

To give you an idea of just how far out-of-the-way these gentlemen of God are, take a look at the map below. You'll see two small dots. The one in the north part of Michigan (the Upper Peninsula) is the approximate location of Eagle River. The one in the south part of Michigan (the Lower Peninsula) is the approximate location of Detroit. It's a distance of about 580 miles.

But I assure you, the trip is absolutely worth it. If you are unable to go, there's still hope: many of the monks' products are available online at their website (you can also find information about the monastery and their mission). You can't make a bad choice when it comes to selecting one of their jams, jellies, or butters, but I'm a fan of their spiced pear and, believe it or not, their dandelion jelly (neither of which are available online). If you're shopping the website, I recommend trying one of the trios, which each have a good sampling. Or order yourself one of their fruitcakes, but be advised: many are soaked with bourbon or brandy, and they're a little intense, but completely worth a try.

Visit the Jampot Online.

Image (pre-mark-up) via Enchanted Learning.


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