Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Nice Attempt

All right, so, the thing is, I have trouble with eggs. I can scramble them, and that's about it. But when I tried to make a fried-egg sandwich the other day, I thought that it might turn out all right. See, the egg started out looking like this:

And I was all, "Hey, look what I'm doing!" Which clearly angered the food gods, because a mere minute later, it looked like this:

That's right. A semi-fluffy, just-this-side-of-burnt mess. But what the food gods didn't know was that I had a trick up my sleeve. They thought I was just going to slap that sucker on a piece of toast, like this:

That doesn't look complete at all, though, does it? Slice up some roma tomatoes, add a dash of oregano and just a pinch of salt, and then sprinkle some shredded Parmesan cheese across the top, and what you have is a sort-of fried egg sandwich that has been saved from near-disaster.

I think that with a legitimate fried egg, it would have been close to perfect. As it was, this easy little dish made for a nice entree.


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