Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Cameo Appearance

Normally, I'm all, "Oh, hey, don't wear that; it's not normal," but when Halloween comes around, I don't mind cheesing it up a little. In my mind, a good Halloween brooch is the best way to make that happen--you can wear it to work without looking too costumey! Luckily for me, Etsy is rife with Halloween brooches this year, and one in particular has caught my eye: the Gothic Zombie Girl Brooch.

Image by BeanDoll (the seller) via Etsy.

This twist on the classic cameo is both clever and very skillfully done--just look at the delicate wisps of hair and the precision of the teeth! Plus, bonus? When you first glance at it, you don't even realize that this is a less-than-human portrait, so it's like a fun little surprise when you see it up close. Pair it with a burnt orange blazer and a black skirt, and you're all set!

Buy through Etsy for $16.00.


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