Friday, October 1, 2010

"I'd Like to Put You in a Trance"

As you know, Madonna is one of my constant touchstones. But even I don't like some of her work. For example, I think that Erotica, as an album, is not particularly wonderful, although certain tracks ("Fever," "Deeper and Deeper," and especially "Rain") do stand out. The titular song, though, is one that I don't enjoy much. About fourteen years after releasing "Erotica" as a single, though, Madonna redeemed it by remixing it and making it a centerpiece of her Confessions Tour show.

Witness the brilliance:

There is literally nothing about this performance that isn't wonderful. The dancing, the catsuit, the beat--it's all there. And the toned-down lyrics make all the difference in the world. Instead of being explicitly sexual, they are more love-song-ish: "You thrill me / (Surround me; you fill me). / You send me-- / You put me in a trance."

On the whole, I think that Madonna reached her musical peak with Ray of Light and Music (although Confessions on a Dance Floor is also quite wonderful), but she reached her performance peak with The Confessions Tour, especially the "Music Inferno"/"Erotica"/"La Isla Bonita" triumvirate just before the climax of the show.

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