Saturday, October 9, 2010

Presidential Ham

We like Presidents of the United States here at What We Covet.

We also like ham.

At least, I do. I can't imagine why Cate wouldn't.

So we were delighted to find that one enterprising artist has done a series of paintings of the Presidents. But not any ordinary paintings. These are paintings of the Presidents holding ham.

Most of the Presidents agree on proper ham-holding posture, but a few stand out. Andrew Jackson finds his ham to be very unwieldy and looks as if he may drop it. Herbert Hoover clutches his ham close to his chest, perhaps afraid that Franklin Delano Roosevelt next to him will take it and share it with the masses.

Each President and his ham may be purchased on a postcard, a mug, or a print; or you can purchase a poster featuring all of them and the forty-three-postcard set. (Grover Cleveland only gets one portrait.)

See them all and buy through The Presidential Ham.


  1. Ridiculous, but kind of fun too, lol.

  2. Great post,keeped me occupied..I'm here for the first time but will to sure check for new posts.In meantime you can check out my History Blog