Saturday, October 2, 2010

Charge of the Boot Brigade

Being only 5'4" and not even remotely thin, finding clothes and shoes that fit and don't make me look like a hobbit can sometimes be a little challenging. One of the shoe styles I will most likely never be able to pull off is the flat boot, although it is a look I adore and would like to address as we charge ahead into autumn, even here in North Carolina (in our own Southern way).

Unfortunately for me and millions of other girls, flat boots are often quite tall, sometimes even over-the-knee tall--which is bad news for anyone with any kind of body fat at all, really, and even worse news because all of that leather becomes expensive, like this boot here, the Loeffler Randall Matilde, which is a beautiful tobacco color:

It's lovely, with clean lines and no fussy details! But at nearly $700, it's out of the price range of almost everyone I know. But! Nine West has come to the rescue with the Gellar, a flat boot that is not only shorter (high-calf-height on me) but also much more affordable:

Although there are more details to it--it's more at a motorcycle boot, really--it is still relatively simple. And the lighter color makes it more versatile, in my opinion, good for autumn AND spring outfits. Plus, at less than 1/5 the cost of the Matilde, the Gellar is an absolute steal by comparison. Which one do you prefer?

Buy the Loeffler Randall boot through Piperlime for $695.00.

Buy the Nine West boot through Nine West for $129.00.

Matilde photo via Piperlime.

Gellar photo via Nine West.



  1. Thanks for stopping in, CupCake Girl! I love both of these boots, also, and I'm not usually a fan of brown leather, either. But these are fantastic!