Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here Come the Bridesmaids

When I was in middle school, I was a big fan of Cherie Bennett. I loved her Sunset Island series, even more than I liked Sweet Valley High. But the book of Bennett's that sticks with me the most is The Bridesmaids, the story of--you guessed it--one young woman's attendants.

I think I've read this book about three times, and I swear that I would read it again right now if it was within reach. The Bridesmaids tells the story of Fawn--I am not even kidding; that's totally her name--and her three bridesmaids, including her sister, her fiance's sister, and their friend. One has an eating disorder; the bride likes to steal things; the groom likes to hit on the bride's sister. Trust me, kids--this is high-quality stuff. Or at least it is if you like baby TRNs (which, as it happens, I do).

Bennett tells a compelling story, so be prepared to get sucked in by this one. And enjoy!

Image via Better World Books.


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