Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn Stripes

When it comes to patterned tights, I'm a little torn. For every nice pair, there is at least one like this. But I can say without any second thoughts that I do like tights with a herringbone pattern. They simply look very nice in the autumn, paired with flats and a black wool coat. And I've found a few options, at three different price points, to share with you today.

First is the cheap option: the Slanted Open Striped Tights from Forever 21, which retail for $6.80. They have an open weave, similar to a fishnet, as part of every other stripe.

Next is the black herringbone tight from Betsey Johnson, sold in a two pack with solid black tights, for $20.00. These also have an open weave, but it is much smaller and consistent than the Forever 21 tights.

Finally, we have the Wolford option. (For those of you who don't know, Wolford is pretty well-known for its unusual--and not inexpensive--hosiery.) Their black Bailey Tights have the most intricate pattern, and retail for $65.00. (Be careful when opening the link; the image is just this side of NSFW.)

Personally, I would probably opt for the Betsey Johnson tights, since they have the most classic pattern. What about you?


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