Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I recently started a food blog, which is kind of a stretch for me, since I'm not the most gifted person in the kitchen, but so far it has been fun and mostly disaster-free. And, luckily, my kitchen is reasonably well-equipped, considering the space issue. This is due largely to my mother, who was kind enough to let me blatantly steal borrow a significant portion of her set of Farberware Classic cookware when I moved into my apartment.

The basic look of Farberware Classic is the same now as it was when my mom got her set in 1977. The great thing about such a stylistic carryover is that replacing pieces, or adding on to the set, is easy, since everything more or less still matches. And let me tell you, it stands up to some pretty tough situations. For example, Mom's set survived (by my count) a couple of apartments, five houses, and two children who turned into teenagers and then turned into college students. They have made a great deal of Kraft mac and cheese, Maruchan Ramen, and Stove Top stuffing. You couldn't convince me to switch brands for all the free cookware in the world. After all, I grew up perfecting some of my cooking skills with Farberware Classic. And now I'm terribly attached to it.

Sure, there are cookware sets out there with more bells and whistles and cute colors. But if it's simplicity, reliability, and afforability that you want, I really recommend that you give Farberware Classic a try.

Visit the Farberware online store.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Saladmaster, myself. My mother has had a set of Saladmaster pots for approximately ever, and they are THE BEST.

    My pots are Cuisinart. They're good. They get the job done. But I want my mom's Saladmasters.