Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Colonial Table

Back in July, when I was on my redecorating rampage, I bought myself a new set of flatware. Like the Farberware before it, my last set of flatware was donated to the cause by my mother.While it was an older set (though not nearly as old as the Farberware), that flatware was reasonably serviceable, in spite of several missing pieces and a few dents here and there, but I really wanted to get something that was more me.

Enter Oneida.

Their Colonial Boston flatware is perfect for me--sleek, classic, and clean. It has a certain heft to it, also, and that lack of flimsiness is perfect for my experiments. And it pairs well with my dishes, which is very important to me, since I have trouble living with mismatched things. Besides--Oneida makes good products that last, and THAT is something to blog about.

Buy through Oneida. Pieces start at $7.99.


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