Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Most Fashionable Life

I love a good coffee table book, especially a good coffee table book about fashion. And possibly the most perfect chronicle of fashion in the second half of the 20th century is this particular coffee table book: Richard Avedon's Avedon Fashion 1944-2000.

Late last year, I had the opportunity to see a collection of Avedon's work at the Detroit Institute of Arts, my favorite museum in the whole wide world. The show focused on Avedon's fashion photography, for which he is best known, at least in some circles. The man was a legend, having taken photographs of every model from Suzy Parker to Stephanie Seymour; his portfolio, shot largely in black and white, is absolutely stunning.

Take, for example, this image of Veruschka, which catches a liveliness and joy that you might not see if you simply witnessed her moving. Or consider this impossibly striking shot of Donyale Luna, who looks stuck between happy and sad. My favorite image of Avedon's, though, is one of Dovima posing with a group of elephants, and each of the subjects is striking a pose in a most elegant fashion. (Actually, this is the lesser-known of Dovima's poses with the elephants; the more famous one, which is a very good photograph in its own right can be seen here.)

Avedon Fashion is full of many more images that will move and inspire anyone even remotely interested in photography or fashion. And it will stand as a testament to a great, indomitable career. Check it out today!

Buy through Barnes and Noble for $67.50.

Photo via Barnes and Noble.


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