Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine

Cate has told you how small her kitchen is, but I haven't said anything on the subject yet. Well, here it is: I have a tiny kitchen. Cate is lucky enough to have a full-sized refrigerator; I have a small one under the counter, and an even smaller one in my living room that I had while I was in college. My living room is also my bedroom and my dining room and my office. I have a studio apartment. As a result, I eat cereal in bed and accidentally dump milk all over my digital camera. But that's not what today's post is about.

Today's post is about this amazing thing my mother bought me the other day: a George Foreman grill.

Now, you see, I'm from the South. This means that if I do not eat something fried on a regular basis, I will melt.

But also, when I fry things, grease goes everywhere. It's very upsetting.

So my new George Foreman Champ Grill it the perfect compromise. Anything I can fry, I can also George Foreman Grill, and supposedly keep it healthier. It's easy to clean, and I don't have to use it to cook anything other than what I'm going to eat, because it's tiny, perfect for a small kitchen or a dorm room.

Just today, I made my lunch: Two sausages! And though I'm not good at the George Foreman Grill yet, I'd say my sausage turned out just fine. Later, I'm going to make delicious burgers, and I may even grill some vegetables. The possibilities are endless!

Buy your very own George Foreman Champ Grill from Target for $19.99.


  1. You think a fridge under the counter is *small*? In the UK that's just normal sized ... you Americans with your giant everythings!

  2. Oh, whatever, Rachel. It's actually really nice to have a freezer compartment bigger than a frozen dinner, whatever you say.