Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kiwi Love

When I was younger, I loved eating kiwis, and while I haven't eating much kiwifruit lately, I still love it. The white center was always my favorite--not too sweet like the rest of the fruit, but with a wonderful texture that made me happy. Nowadays, even though kiwis are not very common where I live, I have managed to find a never-ending supply of fantastic dried kiwi.

Photo by Luc Viatour via Wikipedia.

Although eating dried kiwi is not at all the same thing as eating a fresh kiwi, it is an acceptable substitute in times of desperation or kiwifruit scarcity--after all, every fruit goes out of season, and in a rural area, certain produce is harder to come by than, say, common things like corn or tomatoes. And the dried stuff is, quite frankly, kind of addictive. But it's better to eat fruit than plain old candy, right?

Buy through the Fresh Market for $5.99 per pound.


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