Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't Be Ginger; Dive Right In!

My favorite beverage pretty much ever is Canada Dry ginger ale. I drink it every day, which my dentist hates because of what the sugar does to my teeth, and is probably bad for my health, given that same sugar content. But I stick by Canada Dry, even though, given my upbringing in southeastern Michigan, I should be a Vernors girl--and in fact do indulge from time to time--because I like the clean, mild taste (Vernors is a golden ginger ale and particularly spicy but makes for the very best floats, whereas Canada Dry is a--you guessed it--dry ginger ale). Canada Dry comes packaged in a variety of sizes, including eight-ounce bottles, twelve-ounce cans, twenty-ounce bottles, one liter bottles, and two liter bottles, which means that you can take it with you in your lunch or buy a larger size to serve at home.

Word on the street is that dry ginger ale makes a great mixer for alcoholic drinks, but I wouldn't know, because I hate to tarnish the taste. Canada Dry makes a cranberry ginger ale that is really good for making punch at holiday parties. And, bonus? Ginger ale can actually help alleviate an upset stomach! So its multiple uses make it the perfect beverage to keep on hand. What's your favorite soft drink?


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