Friday, September 24, 2010

"But Love Seems to Stick In Her Veins, You Know"

I suspect that most of you know about the Verve because of the legal trouble surrounding their breakthrough single "Bittersweet Symphony" (which, by the way, was used to spectacular effect in Cruel Intentions). But the album that spawned that song, Urban Hymns, is pretty good even without "Bittersweet Symphony," encasing everything that was good about music in the 1990s. There are shades of U2, Bob Dylan, and, ironically enough, the Rolling Stones, among others.

My favorite song off that album is the second track, "Sonnet." This is one of those tunes that I'll listen to every time, no matter what. Which is really to say that it's stuck with me since the first time I heard it, and I wouldn't trade it for any other song on the album. There's just something about the pseudo-funky, half-retro guitar work and the way Richard Ashcroft delivers the lyrics that gets me. Plus the main sentiment of the song--"Yes, there's love if you want it; / Don't sound like no sonnet"--is wonderful: nothing is perfect, so take me as I am. Besides, who doesn't like a good love song?

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PS I'll be busy this weekend, so Maureen will be taking over the blog for a few days, including tomorrow's People We Covet. Be sure to stop by and check on it!

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