Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Executive Stripes

I suppose the day I really became an adult was the day I got my first business cards. Because up until that point, I was just a college graduate with a job. But with business cards come great responsibility, hence the perceived adulthood. And, of course, when you get business cards, you need a business card holder, right?

I ultimately chose to get a fabric card holder (in fact, it matches my checkbook cover), but the first one I considered was the Zebra Print Crystal Business Card Case from Executive Gift Shoppe. It's perfect for me--zebra-patterned, silver, and sparkly. Unfortunately, the price tag was a little too hefty for me at the time (and now, as well, to tell the truth), but it's so cute! Maybe you can make a gift of it to a businesslady in your life?


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