Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Kodak Moment

Yesterday, I told you guys that I had recently dumped milk on my digital camera.

I didn't tell you that that was the end of my digital camera's life. You probably figured that out on your own.

Just a day or so after the demise of my digital camera, though, I was to go see my mom and shop. I called her and asked her to find my old film camera if she could, and bring it to me.

And she did! It was very exciting. I have an old Kodak KB-10. It's extremely basic. Opening the lens cover also turns on the flash. It takes two AA batteries (which were still in the camera and still operational when I received it) and uses standard 35mm film.

One of my favorite things about film camera is getting the pictures developed. You can do the one-hour development thing, I suppose, but the best option is to send the film off. It is an exciting day when my pictures arrive in the mail! I like never knowing exactly what I'm going to get, and I like getting mail. It's perfect.

Digital cameras are expensive, so I think I'll stick with film for now. I can't wait to use this roll up.

Buy your own (used) Kodak KB-10 through Ebay for $5-15.00.

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