Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cool Down

You remember that time I was away on business during what turned out to be the worst part of the summer? Well, it turns out that the biggest room in the complex I was at is on the third floor of a semi-air conditioned building, so on hot days, it's really hard to tell that there's any cool air at all. But the presenters seemed to be fond of folding fans--a more streamlined version of the fans ladies used to use to speak to gentlemen. It's totally brilliant. Since I've been a little bit obsessed with such fans at certain points in my life, and because in the dying days of summer one can never be sure of the weather, I thought that now would be the perfect time to discuss them!

My pick is the wood and green fabric option from A Cool Breeze:

The color is versatile, so it will span all seasons, and the construction is durable, which means that the fan is worth all the money you'll spend on it. This simple, useful accessory is a new must-have for me!

Photo via A Cool Breeze.


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