Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spin Me 'Round

Ann Jonas is a genius of the highest order and I think that you should all find a copy of her book Round Trip right now.

The story itself is not terribly profound--actually, it's just a simple account of how a child has spent his day. However, the book is truly worthwhile because it is one of the more visually stunning things you will ever encounter. This story is told front to back and then back to front by flipping the book over. The illustrations, when viewed front to back/right side up, show a daytime scene--what the narrator sees along the way from his house in the country to the city. Those very same illustrations, when viewed back to front/upside down, show the trip home--at nighttime.

Seriously, it's something that you have to see. The black-and-white illustrations are triumphs of graphic art and are worthy of your time and awe.


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