Monday, August 23, 2010

Truly Outrageous

Just in case you ever wondered what some of the formative influences were in my early life, here's a partial list: Pablo Picasso, The Little Mermaid, books, Nancy Kerrigan, the Detroit Tigers, and Inspector Gadget. But chief among these was a little jewel of a terrible animated television series, Jem. Some of you may recall Jem, and maybe even fondly, but probably not so enthusiastically as I do.

For the uninitiated, perhaps we should start with the opening sequence of the show:

Tell me what's not to love about that whole situation. Seriously. The girl has pink hair and a dress that I swear to you I would buy right now if it was for sale. So it's thoroughly 80s. So it's not necessarily the best animation on the block. Not the point. Jem is a freaking fashion genius and even today I still want to be exactly like her. Also, word on the street is that the woman who provided Jem's singing voice, Britta Phillips, is from Michigan, so there may be hope for me yet!

Who did you want to be when you were a kid?


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