Saturday, August 14, 2010

Looking for Something New? Try Okra Chips

When I was growing up, my mom would occasionally serve fried okra. My brother loved it, and it grew on me; this was a little unusual, since we lived in the North and fried okra is really a Southern thing, but given our family history (my father is from the South, and  my parents briefly lived in the South when my brother was quite young), it's not so surprising. Years later, when I moved to the South for college, I was terribly excited to find that fried okra was sometimes a menu item in the dining hall at my school. Last week, when I discovered okra chips, I absolutely flipped out.

I was walking through the local Fresh Market last week and saw a bin of uncut okra. When I read the label, I learned that the okra had been fried kind of like a batch of potato chips; traditional fried okra is cut, breaded, and then fried, like a fried mushroom. And it turns out that okra chips taste just like regular fried okra, but with less fat and none of the ooze, which is dried out in the chip-making process. It's the perfect solution for someone like me who is looking to ditch the bad parts of my favorite foods without losing the good parts.

Okra chips make a great snack as well as a good side for sandwiches, barbecue fare, or chicken nuggets, since okra has a good, but not particularly strong, taste that will not overpower the main dish. Try some today!


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