Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuna Twist

The tuna sandwiches at Jimmy John's are kind of spectacular. They mix the tuna with celery and onions, which is more or less standard for tuna, but instead of just slapping it on the bread, they make an honest-to-God sandwich out of it, adding sliced tomatoes and cucumbers as well as lettuce and alfalfa sprouts. The end result is delicious, and super-easy to replicate at home. 

My own personal tuna salad is made with StarKist solid white albacore tuna (although I occasionally use chunk light, depending on what's available), Hellmann's mayonnaise (which, as far as I'm concerned, is the only mayonnaise worth using), Mt. Olive dill relish (because I don't like sweet relish), and a little bit of regular yellow mustard (any brand will do). Lately, I've been putting my tuna on sourdough bread, although I normally go for lightly-toasted wheat. And then I streamline the sandwich by adding only the tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts, which still turns out to be very good, and a little easier to manage without so much stuffing. You can pair the sandwich with some okra chips and Orangina for a great, light late-summer lunch.

How do you make your tuna salad?

Check out the Jimmy John's website.


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